Scuf Gaming – Professional Grade Controllers, Why it Makes Sense to Invest

Recently I was mulling through various tweets by different gaming manufacturers when I came across a photo posted by Astro Gaming that pictured the Astro booth at a gaming expo. It wasn’t the Astro Gaming booth that interested me most about this photo, it was the Scuf Gaming booth sitting right beside it. Now I had previously heard of a company named “Scuf Gaming” but never paid much attention to it before.

After seeing this photo I decided to look into this company and see what they had to offer. I quickly learned that Scuf Gaming manufactures controllers for just about any current or last gen platform that you are looking for. Not only did I learn that Scuf builds controllers for gamers, but they are also built custom to your specifications. I wasn’t overly impressed at first when I heard that they offered “custom” controllers, until I did a bit more digging and it was then that I learned just how valuable this could be.

Scuf offers a plethora of different options on your controller not only to the color, but also the thumbstick size, contour, and color as well as changing the directional pad to a wheel, and my favorite, the “hook paddles” as they call them. These paddles are extremely interesting in the fact that the idea behind the engineering was that as a professional gamer, you want to have your thumbs on the thumb sticks at all times to improve your ability to react quickly. By default Scuf’s controllers come with these gaming paddles which are attached on the underside of the controller, and remap the “X” and “O” button on PS4, the Xbox One controllers offer up to four of these paddles on the controller. Besides making you a better gamer, it may save your hands in the future.

Example of the patented hook paddles, compliments of

Example of the patented hook paddles, compliments of

Scuf claims that due to this patented design, gamers will be able to safely game for longer hours without producing the normal strain on muscles in your hands/wrists. While this may only be a concern for the hardcore gamer, it is also something everyone should consider. As part of one of the upgrades customers can add the “electro magnetic remapping” option which allows players to insert a “Scuf Key” into the controller, and remap buttons as they wish based on the game they are playing.

Though these controllers (which are endorsed by the MLG) start at $139 and up, they could very well be a reasonable option for the hardcore gamers, not only would the gamer reduce hand strain, but also improve game play due to a more ergonomic design by Scuf Gaming. In addition to this, gamers who don’t want to spend that kind of money, or can’t afford to can simply send their own controller to Scuf and have the upgrades performed on their existing controller starting at $44.95 and up.

For more information on Scuf products you can visit them on their website at you had a chance to own or use one of these controllers? Let us know how your experience was in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!


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