Sniper Elite 3 – New ‘Plantation’ MP Map Screenshots

Sniper Elite 3 - New 'Plantation' MP Map Screenshots

A brand new update for Sniper Elite 3 has hit Steam and with it comes a brand new free multiplayer map in Plantation. The new battlefield offers something different from others, with every inch of the map a good sniper spot to hunker down in.

Andy Shaw from developer Rebellion explained the map in a recent post on their site, from its design to some tips and tricks you can implement to get one over on your friends. Some nifty screenshots of the map loading screen were also released which you can checkout for yourself below.

The aim was to make a balanced, open map where players could make decent sniper positions wherever they chose to hunker down, rather than have several key positions around the map that could get congested and chaotic.

With more open spaces, bottlenecks are far less likely to develop. The buildings are all single storey so that no particular positions will dominate; in fact, rocky mounds and hills make just as good sniping positions as the rooftops, with vegetation serving as adequate cover and good camouflage too of course!

Like previous maps “Lost Valley” and “Airstrip”, we can expect Plantation to hit consoles in the near future, so keep an eye out.

Have you played the map yet? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Rebillion

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