Welcome to LzyGmrs, What to Expect & Who We Are

Welcome Lazy Gamers

We would like to welcome you to the LzyGmrs (short or Lazy Gamers, get it?) website. Because we’re new to the scene,  you might not kn0w who we are or what you can expect to read on our website.

When talking about “we”, I’m referring to the 2 writers running the show. Those writers being me, LaziestGamer and my Irish friend The Mack Attack. We’ve been in the blogging / writing business for a couple years now and we’ve had some success with our previous blogs. Especially our previous website, a Call of Duty focused website, was a popular one.

Because of this, we will start with solely covering the Call of Duty franchise on the website. You can expect to read the latest news about the Call of Duty titles and with Activision / Infinity Ward getting ready to launch Call of Duty: Ghosts, you can expect to read a lot about it. On top of the news, expect to watch interesting videos taken from within the community and everything else that has to do with Call of Duty. In short, if you’re looking for something that’s Call of Duty related, you’ll find it here.

With our previous experience, we’re confident that our website will catch on at some point and when this happens, we intent to start covering other games as well and with our love for Shooters, you know what you can expect. We feel the option to comment on news pieces isn’t enough and we intent to expand the website by adding a forum to it, but those are all plans for the coming months.

Let’s not wander off too much. For now, our main goal is to inform you about the Call of Duty franchise as much as possible.

Avid gamer and complete internet geek. Trying to combine my passion for gaming and the interweb by running this website.