Why Red Dead Redemption 2 Should Not Feature John Marston


It’s been a long time since I stepped into the shoes of the troubled John Marston, but following Rockstar Games announcing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption earlier this week, I decided to dust off the 2010 release and have a game for old times sake.

It’s a classic, there’s no denying that and it makes sense for Rockstar to revisit the series for another outing on current-gen consoles. Developing a title for a franchise that’s much loved can be dangerous as it is rewarding and where the story goes and who plays the protagonist will be big talking points.

Rumors are circulating online that John Marston will feature in a prequel involving Marston and his time with  Dutch van der Linde’s gang, a section of his life mentioned on various occasions in Red Dead Redemption. This gives Rockstar a canvas to tell a pretty compelling back-story if a prequel is to be revealed, but it would come at a cost gamers will not ignore.


If you’ve played the 2010 release then you’re fully aware on how the story finishes out, with John Marston in a showdown with a plethora of lawmen, dishing out his own brand of justice before being viciously cut down.

The scene is known to many and to this day is still one of the most iconic deaths of a character in a video game. Speaking from personal experience, which I assume is shared by many, playing RDR for such a lengthy period of time you grow an emotional connection to Marston.

With that said, open-world games rarely kill off their protagonist(s), leaving you to play onwards for years, RDR didn’t allow that, instead of putting you in the shoes of his son Jack and the same in-game features but with a different skin.


If Marston is to return in Red Dead Redemption 2, that emotional connection to the character will be severed from the get-go, with his faith already known to the gamer. Every time you dodge a bullet, train, approach a bear, you know it’s all for nothing in the end.

With a confirmed title of Red Dead Redemption 2, the chances of a prequel are looking slim but not certain. We can only assume you’ll fill the shoes of Jack once again, or as multiple characters like in Grand Theft Auto 5. Either way, we’ll find out later today as the official reveal trailer for the game drops.

Let’s just hope John Marston is left six feet under, his story has already been told.

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