Insurers Estimate Cost of Real Life GTA 5 Rampage

Grand Theft Auto 5 Screenshot 7

You may have asked yourself in the past, during your days of playing the range of Grand Theft Auto titles, how much exactly would one of your daily in-game rampages would cost in the real life.

Two research experts from Allianz Insurance were able to estimate the cost of  real life Grand Theft Auto 5 rampage after playing the record-breaking title for 100 minutes, concluding that it would cost a mouth-watering £8 million in damages.

The figure reached takes into account two gas turbines colliding at high-speed which would cost a hefty £6.3 million and a helicopter downed by a jet causing debris to fall on a residential area, that alone costing £1.3 million. Add-on the countless burning cars, medical bills, light poles downed and other damages and you easily reach the £8 million target.

Grand Theft Auto 5 smashed sales records this past September, making over $1 billion in the first 72 hours of its release. The game was hampered by early launch problems, but developer Rockstar have got the title back on track since.

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