Grand Theft Auto 5 Now Available on PC


It was a long wait for PC gamers but Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally released for the platform today.

Rockstar always had a PC release on the cards but kept its existence a secret until earlier this year. Gamers rallied together creating a online petition to push the developer to release on PC, garnering overwhelming support that couldn’t be ignored.

The PC version launches with all previously released content, including the new Heists mode that landed on consoles in early March. A new video editor mode also features, giving inspiring film makers a chance to show just how beautiful Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto 5 generated over $1 billion in the first three days of release, breaking a slew of industry records along with. Rockstar saw more dollar signs after its release on next-generation consoles, becoming one of the best-selling games in 2014.

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