GTA 5 – PC Beta Invite Nothing But Scam

New GTA 5 Trailer Shows Game Running at 60fps on PC

Stranger danger gamers, fake Grand Theft Auto 5 beta invites are making their rounds recently that give you a bad dose of malware rather than top-notch action packed gameplay.

The invites – which are hilariously shoddy – come in an email form asking you to download a .zip file that is really ninja malware. The invite includes some fancy banners and pictures of the record breaking title and the tagline in plain text “You invited beta tester GTAV to Windows”.

GTA 5 PC Scam

While tempting, we suggest you do not download this file as it will only bring heartbreak and a virus ridden PC.

As of writing developer Rockstar has yet to officially announce a PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, even though the community is all for it. Only time will tell if the platform will join in on the fun.

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