Top 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods

Top 5 Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Mods

Rockstar Games haven’t taking kindly to gamers running riot on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Modding is ever present and an attempt to stem the steady flow of hacks by changing the game’s EULA and threatening permanent bans has fallen on deaf ears.

Nevertheless these mods are fun to watch, and people have got pretty creative with the modding script as of late. Even though we wouldn’t mind trying some of these mods out, us console heads don’t dabble in such sorcery, but we do like to share.

Check out our favorite Grand Theft Auto 5 PC mods below.

Now You Sea Water, Now You Don’t

This particular mod has become quite popular due to its scale. You’re not simply changing a small fraction of the game world, which for the most part can go unnoticed, you’re taking away ever inch of water in Los Santos. The great thing about the mod is the chance to see the level of detail Rockstar Games brought to the ocean floor, brimming with sea life you just don’t notice topside.

The Grapple Hook Mod

If you’ve played Just Cause 2, then you’ll know how fun a grappling hook is. In Grand Theft Auto 5 it works pretty much in the same way, letting you reach objects from a distance, connect two objects together, even attach the hook to moving cars for a free ride through Los Santos. All you need to do is pull out your pistol and toggle on/off the mod.

Iron Man Mod

Everyone loves superheroes, so it didn’t come as a surprise that someone took the time to create an Iron Man mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. You get the whole package here, including super strength, grappling hook, and the ability to fly, everything you need to save the citizens of Los Santos. The costume isn’t that bad either.

Preacher Bodyguards Mod

This mod was available in Grand Theft Auto 4 and once again returns. With the press of a button you can spawn two bodyguards to stand at your side whilst you cause havoc around Los Santos. They will not die, carry AK-47’s, and weirdly shout “Kifloh, my friend” repeatedly. A good mod if you want to feel like a boss, or need some extra help when playing those tough missions.

Ped Riot Chaos Mod

Civilians in Grand Theft Auto 5 get a raw deal. They walk the streets minding their own business, only to be shot, knocked down. The Ped Riot Chaos Mod makes every pedestrian in Los Santos armed and dangerous, willing to fight back instead of cowardly running away. The mod also rids the city of any police presence, meaning you have to watch your own back.

If you have any mods for Grand Theft Auto 5 that you would like to share then just leave then let us know.

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