Battlefield 1 Trailer Recreated in GTA 5


Last time we brought you the ‘traitor’ scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens recreated in Grand Theft Auto 5, now we have the Battlefield 1 trailer to bring you.

YouTuber J57F has put in a considerable amount of effort to make the recreation similar to the real thing. What we’re left with is a hilarious attempt to use GTA 5 assets to mimic what’s seen in the trailer and it works.

Check it out:

Battlefield 1 was revealed earlier this week and is scheduled to launch on October 21st for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

If you missed the reveal trailer then make sure to check it out to compare the two. You can also view our information blowout on the new shooter, with details on what will launch with the title later this year.

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