GTA 5 Voice Actor: “I Know Nothing” About Story DLC

GTA 5 Voice Actor: "I Know Nothing" About Story DLC

Rockstar Games are yet to releases any single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 but it hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from going into overdrive.

Following an Instagram post by Shawn Fonteno – who plays the character Franklin – showing himself in full motion capture gear, the internet went ballistic and talk of single-player content peeked its head from the shadows once again.

This has spurred fellow voice actor Ned Luke – who plays the character Michael – to state he knows nothing about Rockstar’s plans for single-player content or if any exists at this time.

“EVERYBODY wants single player DLC… I know NOTHING about that,” he said via Facebook. “Don’t know when it’s gonna happen or even IF it’s gonna happen.”

“But I do know the boyz are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past.”

Maybe Luke is better at keeping secrets to himself than Fonteno, who could be dancing with danger posting pictures online. Maybe there’s no single-player DLC planned for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Fonteno is currently working on online content, meaning Franklin could make an appearance like Trevor did during the Heists update last year.

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