GTA Online Bikers DLC is Available to Download Now


Rockstar Games has finally released the Bikers DLC for GTA Online, bring a plethora of new motorcycles and more to the streets of Los Santos.

The update is available to download now on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It weighs in at 2GB, so space shouldn’t be a concern.

On the content, the update includes a bunch of bikes, helmets, attire, tattoos, weapons, and plenty more biker gang releated gear. Missions will be available, along with co-op modes and other competitive playlists.

The ability to create your own motorcycle club also features, similar to the badassary of Sons of Anarchy. You can be brought on as a Prospect that must build his way up the ranks, or be voted in as President and rule the club your way.


The update will delight those who signed a petition earlier this year asking Rockstar to add bike-themed DLC. Over 18,000 people signed the petition, which could have been the driving force behind the developer releasing the update.

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