Why Bringing a Casino to GTA Online is Too Much of a Gamble

Why Bringing a Casino to GTA Online is Too Much of a Gamble

At the beginning of this year, rumors circulated that Rockstar Games were planning on opening a casino in Grand Theft Auto Online. As you may now know, that never happened and for the gamblers out there, it probably never will.

An image online showed a casino in-game with a banner outside saying “opening soon”, indicating that Rockstar were going ahead with gambling minigames. However, it turned out to be a hoax, but the community showed their hand, blatantly in favor of such content coming to the game.

Rockstar wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger and give gamers what they want, but such content is riddled with controversy and that very gun could backfire and leave the developer at the mercy of the industry’s high and mighty critics.


How so? Take a look back at Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the iconic entry in the series had a casino feature but was only available offline, leaving gamers to their own devices. Bring that feature into the Grand Theft Auto Online where micro-transactions are available and it could spell disaster.

Players would flock to the casino with their hard-earned GTA dollars, maybe lose it all and be compelled to purchase of one the many Sharr Cards Rockstar have on offer. If you don;t know, these cards are purchasable from the platforms respective store and converts into GTA $$$ depending on what card you buy, the highest reaching $8 million.

You also need to take security measures into consideration, GTA Online isn’t full proof from hacking and the system itself, if implemented, could be exploited for gain.


GTA Online does allow users to bet while playing online races and other game modes, but only to an amount of $10,000 or under. This is acceptable and doesn’t seem to ruffle the feathers of those against the peril of online gambling.

Personally, I would welcome a casino expansion for GTA Online, mainly for the sake of new content away from the custom races and new clothing, weapons, etc.

We want to know your stance on online gambling and if a casino in Grand Theft Auto Online is something you’d like to see.

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