GTA Online Festive Surprise Update Now Live

GTA Online Festive Surprise Update Now Live

Rockstar Games are bringing festive cheer to Grand Theft Auto Online this week with the Festive Surprise update. The update comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users only.

You can now purchase a heap of festive-themed clothes, accessories, and much more according to the latest Rockstar Newswire post.

Here’s a breakdown on what’s available:

  • New Santa outfits and a new collection of snug Pajamas
  • Masks featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Bad Elf, Crazy Gingerbread, Festive Luchador and more
  • 3 Christmas themed Car Horns
  • Christmas Trees at Legion Square and in all owned Apartments, Stilt Houses and Yachts

Items found in last year’s festive surprise update will also be available to purchase, and a host of unknown special gifts yet to be released. Additions to the game’s Adversary Mode is also on the cards so keep an eye out for that.


I know what you’re all thinking, where is the snow? Rockstar has promised it and it’s just a matter of time before Los Santos has a nice sheet of white covering it.

The update will run until January 5th, so get out there while the going is good.

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Source: Rockstar

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