GTA Online – Free “Beach Bum” Update Available Now

GTA: Online - Content Creator Now Available, Patch Also Released

Rockstar Games are a generous bunch aren’t they, just recently releasing the “Beach Bum” update, the first of many free updates gamers will avail throughout GTA Online’s lifespan.

The Beach Bum update is available for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, bringing not just new jobs but also allowing you to pimp out your character with brand new clothes and hairstyles that are all of course beach-themed. The developer has also added some new weapons in the SNS pistol and the always trustworthy broken bottle.

It wouldn’t be Grand Theft Auto without some new vehicles and Rockstar have added plenty, with the BF Bifta dune buggy, Bravado Paradise beach camper van, Canis Kalahari off-road truck and the Speeder speedboat all available in the update.

With everything coming free of charge, it might bode well for those who already spent all the cash they received in the recently released Stimulus Package, giving to gamers after the calamity launch the online portion had.

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