GTA: Online Heists Mode is Now Avaialble

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After 18-months of waiting, developer Rockstar Games have finally released Heists for Grand Theft Auto: Online. The new mode is available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

Along with the heists themselves, plenty of other content will feature, all wrapped up in a hefty 4.8GB update. These include new vehicles, masks, weapons, jobs, modes, and much more.

Coming out from under your rock? Heists are described as “massive, multi-layered, 4-player co-operative missions”, tasking you to complete a range of objectives that will help you towards your final job. The majority of what you’ll experience doesn’t differ much from the heists you completed in the game’s epic story mode.

There is five heists in total to play, along with an introductory heist to get your feet wet, playable with two players instead of the four needed for the real stuff.

It was reported earlier this week that some console gamers received the update before its intended release on March 10th, but were unable to play the content as it as still locked by Rockstar.

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