GTA Online Heists Review – Series A Funding Job

GTA Online Heists Review - Series A Funding Job

Grand Theft Auto Online features plenty of different enemies, all eyeing to top you off and stop you from reaching your full potential as a career criminal. Jumping into the Series A Funding heist you’ll see yourself facing off against the many gangs bunkered in Los Santos, all offering different challenges and terrains.

The heist differs greatly from those previous, lacking the professionalism seen when Lester is your guide. Instead your gifted Ron, sidekick to main story character Trevor and all-round nut that makes you feel very uncomfortable about the whole situation.

Kicking off the first setup mission, me and my crew had to steal packages of coke from some frat boys on a yacht. Two of us jumped in a boat and parked up at the back of the yacht, while the other two members commandeered a helicopter and landed on the deck. Some fighting ensued and we made are way through the many levels collecting the coke as we went along. Having an assault shotgun or one of any type works handy here as the corridors are narrow. Once finished we jumped on some jet-skis and made for a water tunnel near land to get rid of the wanted stars we’ve accumulated. Once done we made our way back to the warehouse and got paid.

gta-online-seres-a-funding-heists-screenshot-1After such an explosive start the next setup mission toned it back a tad, seeing me and my crew collecting trash bags filled with drugs. Wearing rubbish collecting attire and driving a trashmaster which we acquired at a nearby trash depot, we arrived a several locations, picked up the bags and put them in the truck. Unsurprisingly we ran into some enemies on the way, arriving continuously by car trying to stop us stealing the drugs. We simply brushed them aside using RPGs and homing launchers before arriving back at the warehouse with the goods. We found this the easiest of the setup missions, almost lazy on Rockstar’s part.

The next setup saw us cross paths with bikers, again in search of drugs. It works in the same way as the EMP mission in the Humane Labs Job, partly stealth related. Jumping into a dingy, me and my crew made waves to a trailer park near Sandy Shore, once we hit land we equipped our silenced weapons and made our way through the park silently killing enemies. When clear we located two vans that held the gear we were looking for and made our escape. Things start to get hairy once we left the park however, with enemies both in vans and on motorbikes giving chase. Make sure to have plenty of armor as they are ridiculously accurate and come from the front and from behind. We finally made it to the warehouse alive after some restarts and got paid.

Once again Ron sent us on another collection mission, making the long trek to a sawmill up north. The class of enemy this time was the Ballas and there was plenty scattered throughout the area. Me and one of my crew would infiltrate the mill and collect two Benson trucks, while the remaining two would provide overwatch from the hills. The gunplay can be fun, with lots of cover offering exciting exchanges with the enemy, but at the same time leave you open from many angles. Once clear we stole the Benson’s and made the long trek back to the warehouse. Like the previous setup mission we were pelted with bullets the whole way so having armor is essential. The final third of the journey can be tricky with some sharp turns, leaving the Benson on its side, so be wary.

The final setup mission proved to be the hardest of the lot, offering too many ways to fail. Tasked with stealing a tanker full of “meth juice” from the O’Neil brother’s farm and returning it to the warehouse, everyone being on point was essential. When we got to the farm we decided to snipe any rednecks in sight, just to even the odds.


Some are holed up in the house so you have no choice but to enter and clear the out, which can be a pain due to the radar sometimes not showing the exact location of your enemy. Once we grabbed the rig and attached it to the trailer out back the timer started, not giving us much time to reach our next destination. Two stayed in the rig while me and another offered support to the drop off point. As long as the driver is competent you shouldn’t have any issues getting there before the time runs out. On to the finale.

The finale is on par with the setup missions that came before, not really showing the same excitement as other heist finishes. We needed to move two trucks full of the drugs we’ve collected to a lighthouse north on the map. The gangs we stole the drugs from have figured out the location of said drugs and are not en-route to get them back.  At the warehouse we get in position and wait for their arrival. Having armor again is essential at this point so don’t be cheap and stock up. After weathering the storm it was time to move out, me and another using the pickup mounted with a as our vehicle of choice. Trevor tags along also, giving some much-needed fire support.

On the way you’ll run into helicopters, bikes, vans, jeeps, you name it, it will be on your tail. On the upside, the route you take is mostly straight so it’s easier to focus on not dying than where your driving. Once we made it to the lighthouse we were treated to a cut-scene and the cash we’ve been waiting so long for.

While it offers variety of enemy it doesn’t offer much more. Apart from two well-thought out setup missions at the start and a good selection of vehicles, Series A Funding lacks in the final third, with a lackluster finale mission with very little to do then drive and avoid being shot.

Review Score: 3/5


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