GTA Online Heists Review – The Fleeca Bank Job

GTA Online Heists Review - The Fleeca Bank Job

If you managed to creep past the endless barrage of error messages stopping you from connecting to Grand Theft Auto: Online the past few days then well done, not many have. What awaits you is pretty spectacular, a shiny new game mode that allows you and your friends to perform high-stake robberies for big cash rewards, enough to make you forget about the connection issues that had you cussing a few hours before.

The new Heists mode – which comes as a free update – features five uniquely different Heists to partake in, all offering a selection of preparation missions before taking on the main job itself. Being 18-months in waiting, millions flocked on day-one to experience the new mode, which reigned hell on Rockstar’s servers, leading to many connection issues.

Determination prevailed however and I eventually managed to get online with my buddies. Once you enter free roam you notice a few changes. Everything ‘Heist’ related will be the color green, for example the invites you receive from other players, and the icon that shows up on the in-game map. You’re high-end apartment will also now be kitted out with a new Heist room, planning board and armory all included.

Eventually after some time I received a slew of phone calls and text messages from Lester – an influential story mode character – letting me know he might need some people for a job. Once you meet up with Lester and struggle through the terribly long cut-scene, he’ll fill you in on your first heist, the Fleeca job. A a whole the job acts as more of a setup mission, a mini-heist so to speak, only available to you and one other trusted comrade.

The job is split into three different parts, the first of which is a setup mission. You and your partner will be tasked with scoping out the Fleeca Bank itself, driving in the car with Lester as he continues to spew crap throughout the journey. Thankfully when you replay Heists the option to skip long driving sequences is available, cutting out the intolerable mid-journey nonsense completely.

The second setup mission is more hands, enjoyable, and harder than the first. You and your partner must travel to the top of a nearby car park full of Korean gangsters, tasked with stealing a heavily armored car you’ll need for the next stage of the job. The car itself is a new addition to GTA: Online, one of many new vehicles that will become available. Lester gives you intel on the parking lot en-route, telling you the north entrance is more straight to the action, while the south entrance allows you to get the drop on your enemy. The range of decisions goes further than you think and offers different ways to approach a job second time around.


One you reach the top of the car park make sure to find good cover. Me and my fellow criminal mastermind took advantage of the Zenterno sports car, it has no back window and can be used as a good shield when reversing and shooting out both windows. Once you kill of the Koreans its plain sailing to Lester’s warehouse with the armored car.

The next and final part sees you rob the bank itself. You set out in your heist gear – including optional paper bag mask – and drive down the peaceful coastal road you took it the first part. Again the game keeps you occupied as one player drives and another must play a small snake-like mini-game to unlock the vault within the bank. Once we arrived we stormed through the doors, my partner taking out the four mounted cameras and keeping the terrified witnesses under control, while I drifted into the back and started work on the safe deposit box. This began another mini-game, in which you use a drill to break through four locks. Depending on how much pressure you put on the drill it would overheat, so finding the sweet spot can be difficult but not impossible.

Once I made it through and collected the contents, we both hightailed it back into the armored kuruma and made for the bridge where Lester’s contact Eddie Toh would collect us. On the way we had to avoid a barrage of police roadblocks trying to slow our escape, pelting us with bullets throughout. Once we reached the bridge we saw Eddie hovering in his Cargobob, ready to pick us up with a huge magnet tethered to the end. A very Grand Theft Auto ending. Job done!

Not a bad start….

The introduction into Heists works well, getting your feet wet without throwing you too far into the deep end. What’s also impressive is the amount of variety Rockstar have added, from the plethora of attire customization to the specific roles members of your entourage can be once you enter the job. While a worthy introduction, the Fleeca Bank job is only the tip of what is on offer in Heists, with the only way being up.

Review Score – 4/5


We’ll be covering the remaining four heists available so make sure to stay tuned to LzyGmrs for when they drop.

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