GTA: Online Heists Review – The Humane Labs Job

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Nothing like sneaking into a heavily secure compound to stealing extremely secretive files under the cover of darkness to spend a Saturday night, am I right? That’s exactly what I did this weekend, taking another Grand Theft Auto: Online Heist for a spin, hoping to collect another big cash reward for my troubles.

The Humane Labs job is the third available heist after The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break, tasking you with entering Humane Labs and stealing some important files. As per usual you need four-players to complete the heist, all working through the four setup missions and final heist.

Once we meet up with Lester’s contact we we’re once again dragged through a terribly long cut-scene, before finally being tasked with retrieving some key codes to get us inside Humane Labs in the final job. Four separate roles were needed: Bodyguard; Buyer; Lookout North; and Lookout South. We all set out to the meeting point, a small car park with alleyways surrounding, which for any veteran gamer screams baddies be coming.

Two of my crew took up lookout positions over the deal, not really out of view and easily seen. Me and the bodyguard stood waiting as the keycodes were being delivered and as expected the FIB showed up to spoil the fun. What follows is an intense firefight involving enemies coming from every angle, which can be borderline impossible if your team doesn’t have headsets to point out were they’re coming from. Once we dwindled their numbers, me and the bodyguard made our way back to the Heist room with the codes, while our teammates stayed back and cleaned up the rest. Job done.


The next setup mission asks you and the crew to steal a pair of Insurgents – giant armored trucks – from a quarry in Sandy Shores. Once we arrived we meet light resistance from Merryweather, finally finding the Insurgents at the back of the quarry. While there is two to obtain, only one had a mounted, so led the way as we exited the quarry. The enemy presence is insane once you exit the front gates, getting rammed constantly by jeeps, sometimes having you jammed against walls with mission failure almost a given. If you do manage to escape the overly suicidal baddies, you deliver the Insurgents and it’s job done.

Things get a tad more serious in the next prep mission. Me and my crew flocked to a beach on Sandy Shore, hopping into a dingy and making our way to an offshore aircraft carrier; our job, steal a VLOT. The contrast of missions make for good fun, feeling uneasy with the narrow corridors of the carrier, compared to the vast open area of the quarry before. Once we made it through the carrier bays we emerged topside and the Hydra jet in sight. Using the available Lazers we offered in-air assistance, making sure the Hydra and its pilot made it to Sandy Shore airport in one piece. This prep job was among our favorites, offering land, sea, and air in one mission.

The next prep job saw us steal the Valkyrie helicopter, it’s pretty bad ass and one of the best additions from the Heist update. The Valkyrie itself was located at the very south of the map, surrounded bu a mix of different henchmen, with a buzzard or two thrown in for good measure. Once we dispatched the baddies, it was onwards through the submarine base; good cover shown throughout to keep you out of the way of enemy fire. At the other side was the Valkyrie, which looked like Christmas. The helicopter has three different mounted guns, two miniguns on the side and a powerful gun on the front that’s controlled by the co-pilot. While in the air we got attacked by a collage of buzzards, we made mince-meat of them and flew to the meeting point.


If you’re craving a good stealth mission then the final set-up mission will fill you with joy. There’s a good chance you’ll fail once or twice, but persevere, you’ll figure it out. We were tasked in storing an EMP inside Humane Labs, again under the cover of darkness and with stealth are necessity. Also worth noting that stealth weapons are a must for this mission, any loud bangs and its game over.

Using the Insurgent we made our way to Humane Labs, parking outside and scoping the area for enemies. The key is to not get caught, with noises attracting guards who warn the scientists, thus ending the mission. We simply took our time and took the guards out one by one until we reached the garage. One of our team ran back for the Insurgent as another broke through the keypad on the garage door. We were working against a 10-minute clock which made things a little more intense, but eventually we cracked the code and we were good to go. We drove out of the lab in a truck, passing oncoming guards without bother. A very James Bond moment for us all.

Alas we arrived at the final job. The mission split us up into two teams. One team infiltrated the lab itself to retrieve the files, while team two stayed in the air and made sure no one else made it inside. Hovering above the drop zone team one parachuted out and entered the lab by using explosives, just after the EMP we placed beforehand detonated. Fighting through the tight corridors the team arrived at a security door in which they needed to punch a code in at the exact same time to enter, inside were the files, so it was time to get up and leave.

Following the corridors they eventually made it to a tunnel, using breathing apparatuses to swim through and make it to the surface. While all of this went down, me and my co-pilot took care of any jeeps and Buzzards outside, waiting to extract the team. With a flare seen in the distance we knew it was time to pick up the two and we all made for the next location. Taking care of some remaining helicopters we landed at the meeting point and finished the heist.

The Humane Labs job offered the most variety of the Heists available, be it taking to the seas, or watching it unfold from above, putting it simple it wont feel repetitive in a hurry. The selection of vehicles are ample, using that to tear through cars never felt so good, same being said for the miniguns firmly latched to the side of the Valkyrie. A delightful mix.

Review Score – 5/5

We’ll be covering the remaining two heists available so make sure to stay tuned to LzyGmrs for when they drop.

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