GTA Online Heists Review – The Prison Break Job

GTA Online Heists Review - The Prison Break Job

We’re back and ready to continue our journey through Grand Theft Auto: Online Heists. We previously covered the Fleeca Bank job, a small two-player introduction to the new mode, of which you can check out here.

Today we move on to bigger, greater, and more difficult pastures. The Prison Break job is the second available heist and unlike its predecessor needs four players to complete, also offering more setup missions and different roles. Following serious connection issues we didn’t get around to playing the heist on day one, but with a recent title update from Rockstar the runway is clear.

Following the Fleeca Bank job I received a text from Lester letting me know the previous job went well and someone was looking to get a job done. Unfortunately I had to wait some time to receive the text, but this could have been down to the still lingering connection issues plaguing the game at the time.

The premise is pretty simple, break Maxim Rashkovsky out of prison, while the four setup missions gather all the equipment and intel needed to get it done. Once me and my buddies came out of the painstakingly long cut-scene we had out first prep mission ready to go; steal a plane.


We all traveled a lost distance to Sandy Shores Airport, while three of us took care of enemies surrounding the plane we needed. Once we lowered their numbers one of us got the plane moving, but the pilot was stranded due to the litter of enemy vehicles covering the runway. What followed was five minutes of reversing cars out of the way, ruining our buzz substantially. Eventually we got the plane in the air and delivered it to Los Santos Airport, job done.

The next setup mission was much the same, steal a prison bus that you would use to enter the prison later on in the heist. We all headed to were the bus was located, one of us tasked with sniping the driver and another ready to take out the pesky escort helicopter flying overhead. We had three stars to evade shortly after, but by heading off-road and hiding near some rocks we were in the clear. Wanted level gone we delivered the bus to a nearby marker and got paid.

The third setup mission changes it up and requires two teams doing two very different things. One must travel to a cargo ship at the docks and steal a car belonging to Rashkovsky, and the other making their way to a nearby police station to collect important documents to aid our cause.

To get a good scope of both we played the mission twice, taking on different roles. The cargo ship team get the majority of the action as they patiently journey through containers killing enemies until they find the car. The police station team only need to obtain a police cruiser, enter the station, and steal the document; taking care of any enemies and wanted level afterwards. Both missions offer variety, something that makes Heists so special.


The final setup mission entitled “Wet Work” again broke us into two teams, also bringing our attention to the importance of silencers. Team one was tasked with travelling to city hall and retrieving documents from prosecutors, while team two heads to the mansion of the lawyer attempting to lock Rashkovsky up for good. The city hall team scaled to the top of an adjacent building and waited for the unwary victims to step out of their car, popping them off simultaneously, eventually heading down to street level to collect the documents. They ran into some stiff police presence, but managed to escape unscathed.

The mansion team – me included – drove to Vinewood Hills, were we faced a considerable amount of sentries posted throughout the compound. Using silencers we made our way through, popping off guards one-by-one, but be wary, if the lawyer catches wind of your presence he will flee by car, so have a super nearby to make sure he doesn’t get to far. We all meet back at the heist setup and got paid.

The Prison Break heist itself has a lot of moving parts and can be confusing to those not paying attention. It has four roles, a prisoner, prison officer, pilot, and demolition. The prison officer and I(prisoner) made our way to the slammer, passing through the front gate in disguise. Once inside we we’re attacked by NOOSE agents, beginning a firefight that rages on until we reached Rashkovsky in a nearby courtyard. While all this is going down the demo man stole a prison bus, destroyed it, stole a buzzer helicopter and made his way to the prison.

Once near the prison front gate we jumped into an armored wagon and made our way to the plane stationed nearby; at this time the demolition expert offered cover support from the Buzzer helicopter above. Once we were all bundled into the plane we set off for a nearby beach, parachuting out and regrouping on the ground, completing the heist fully.

The Prison Break job offers plenty of variety throughout, be it taking on the roles where disguise and keeping your hand off the trigger are essential. When the time comes to take the enemy out the option to either go loud or keep it clean and silent are present. All together it offers great replay value as you can’t see from the other teams perspective during setup missions and the final job itself, so feels fresh once you step into their boots second time round.

Review Score – 4/5

We’ll be covering the remaining three heists available so make sure to stay tuned to LzyGmrs for when they drop.

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