GTA Online – How Many Kills Can You Get With One Sniper Bullet?

GTA Online - How Many Kills Can You Get With One Sniper Bullet?

The Grand Theft Auto Online community are still as creative as ever, experimenting and showcasing all the crazy things one can do around Los Santos.

YouTuber N&B Gaming decided to find out how many people they could kill with one round from a heavy sniper rifle, the most powerful sniper found in the game. You may remember the old Battlefield days where YouTubers attempted the same task out of curiosity.

The video below shows the test and the number of skulls the bullet was able to penetrate. We would tell you how many but that would spoil the fun.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is in the spotlight again this week following an Instagram post by Shawn Fonteno – who plays Franklin – showing himself in full motion capture gear. The post has spurred rumors of single-player DLC, something fellow voice actor Ned Luke -who plays Michael – has refuted recently.

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