GTA Online Job of the Week – Snipers Vs. Stunters CCC

GTA Online Job of the Week - Snipers Vs. Stunters CCC

Grand Theft Auto Online isn’t shy on the content it offers its millions of gamers who log on each day. Not very often you find yourself standing in the middle of Los Santos scratching your head and asking yourself “what the hell will I do today”.

One good and rewarding way to pass the time is GTA Online jobs, giving you a respectable amount of money and experience for your hard work; and that’s just the jobs Rockstar Games themselves created. Dive deeper and you’ll find thousands of user-created jobs, one just as creative as the other and all viewable through the Rockstar Social Club.

User CCC_010 is up there with the best GTA Online creators around and his most famous piece of work “Snipers Vs. Stunters” is a favorite amongst the community, a job I myself find playing more often than not.

The game pits two teams against each other in the Last Man Standing Mode. One team sits atop containers with sniper rifles their only weapon of choice. The other team is on the ground with nothing but a crowbar available and most use Zentorno sport cars and the ramps provided to knock the other team off, while also avoiding the incoming sniper fire. The more people who play and the longer it runs the more money and experience you receive, and trust me it pays well.


If you manage to get into a full lobby then mayhem will ensue. If you start atop the containers then you need to deal with cars flying overhead from both sides, always having to look behind you, and making sure you pick up sniper ammo before your allies nabs it all. Those on the ground can also land on the containers if lucky and wipe out the entire opposition in seconds, so on occasion some expert car dodging is needed.

Zenternos are in ample supply, with several different spawn points making sure everyone gets a car when it begins, and during if your tyres take a beating. With no back windows it also means you need not worry about getting killed from behind.

With a stacked lobby you can make plenty of money and experience in a very short period of time, which what makes the job so popular. It does come with one big downside however. Players who join the game and spectate will begin the next round with all their weapons, giving them the chance to kill those on top or below outside the rules.

If you’re looking for a good time with your GTA friends then Snipers Vs. Stunters will entertain for weeks and is why its our GTA: Online job of the week.


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