GTA Online Update Adds New Sports Car, Discounts and More

GTA Online Update Adds New Sports Car, Discounts and More

Rockstar Games dropped a sneaky update for Grand Theft Auto Online this week in time for Independence Day, bringing a new sports car into play, some decent discounts, missions, and double PR and cash.

Jump onto Legendary Motorsport and you’ll find the Pfister 811(shown below) available to purchase for a cool $1,135,000.


Gamers can also find discounts on other vechieles, such as  the turreted limo, Sovereign bike, Karin Technical, and Liberator monster truck. Customization optons for tyre smoke and a range of masks are also availble to buy.

Moving on modes, double cash and RP is available for three races: Senora Freeway, Arms Race and Business Trip, so spam to save upmoney for the new 811.

From this weekend onwards, the Independence Day content will kick in and run until July 11th. Below are all the details you need to know.

  • Commencement: Friday July 1 – Monday July 11
    Content: An up-to-8-player Playlist featuring “Road Tripping” (TDM), “Across the Wilderness” (locked to the Liberator monster truck), and “Tour the Lake” (locked to the Sovereign motorbike).
  • Original content: Liberator monster truck, Sovereign motorcycle, Firework Rocket Launcher and its ammo, Independence Day Special patriotic gear including Hats, T-shirts and more

See you all online this weekend.

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