Metal Gear Solid 5 Guide: Episode 19 – On The Trail

Metal Gear Solid 5 Guide: Episode 19 - On The Trail

We continue our guide through Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and onward to Episode 19 – On The Trail. If you missed our guide for Episode 18 – Blood Runs Deep then make sure to check it out. We’ll walk you through Big Boss’ journey the best we can while staying clear of any major spoilers, but in the interest of delivering the best guide possible, we might stamp on a few. As always we’ll be trying to get you that S-rank and skipping the optional objectives.

This mission will task you with infiltrating enemy territory and eliminating an enemy Major. Start by picking the landing zone closest to Ditadi Abandoned Village. Make sure to have D-Horse as your buddy.

Once you hit the ground start to travel east towards the road hugging the mountains. Wher the road starts to curve inwards, near the open mouth of the valley you’ll find the major and his lackeys.

At the location, there will be a cliff face you can climb to get good overwatch of the enemy occupied area. Get your binoculars out and scan the area for the Major. Take him out and descend the hill, calling in your helicopter beforehand for a quicker getaway.

Stay out of sight and you should pick up the S-Rank. Mission complete.

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We’ll be working our way through every mission Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has to offer, so make sure to check back for more guides.

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