Minecraft Guide – How to Easily Make a Nether Portal


Like any game you pick up and play, there’s always an end game and the same goes for sandbox title Minecraft. If you’re becoming dissatisfied with the relaxing nature of Creative mode, then Survival is the place for you and a journey to the Nether.

One you get yourself settled in Survival, you can turn your attention to building a gateway to the Nether, another world full of powerful mobs and certain materials needed for potions you can find in the Overworld. The Nether Portal that links both worlds isn’t easy to create and will take some planning.

Lucky for you, we have a guide for just that, so check it out below.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to find yourself some Obsidian. The material is known by its black color and can be found deep in caves where lava is present. Unfortunately, only a diamond pick-axe can successfully mine it, so make sure to get your hands on one of the first. Also bring a bucket with water to douse the lava if the Obsidian is located under it.
  2. You’ll need a minimum of 10 Obsidian blocks to create the frame of the portal, but grab an extra few just to be safe. The portal must be upright and requires three blocks of Obsidian on each side and two on the top and bottom – blocks on the corners are not needed for those who want to be economical. The featured image above will give you an idea what the frame of the portal looks like.
  3. Now all you need to do is equip your flint and steel and use it on one of the blocks of Obsidian. Doing so should activate the portal, thus giving you entry to the Nether.

That’s all there is to it. Before you know it you’ll be traversing the realms to find new materials and finding mobs that offer more of a challenge to those in the Overworld. Just make sure before you enter you’re well prepared for what’s on the other side.

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