Astro Gaming – Launches Generation 2 Headsets and Mixamp

Earlier this month Astro Gaming a manufacturer of ¬†quality gaming headsets endorsed by Major League Gaming debuted their new lineup of headsets for all platforms. The models which received the “Gen 2” updates include the A50 (Wireless), A40 (Wired), and the MixAmap itself. In addition to the update to the Gen 1 products, Astro Gaming has also announced a new Mixamp M80 specifically designed for the Xbox One. If you are like us, you might be wondering what exactly has changed?

According to some research done here at Lazy Gamers, not a whole lot. Other than some cosmetic changes to the MixAmp and new color options, the sales rep from Astro stated that there were some “upgrades to the components in the products”. He had also stated to us that there was a small but noticeable upgrade in the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, but nothing major, and a change in the type of USB connector on the MixAmp Pro, which was changed from a mini-usb to a micro-usb. A couple of days ago one of us here at Lazy Gamers received the Gen 2 MixAmp Pro and did in fact notice, a slight sound quality upgrade with the new MixAmp.

One advantage to this newly announced lineup of 2nd Generation products is that gamers who are potentially searching for a new headset may be able to land a great deal on a 1st Generation model. A friend of mine recently picked up a pair of the Astro A50s (wireless) for $250, which normally runs at $300.00. The A40s (Wired) were also on sale as well at $200 while stores try to clear their shelves for the new generation of products.

Have you had a chance to get your hands on one of the new models by Astro Gaming? Be sure to comment below and let us know your impressions! Also don’t forget to like us on our Facebook!

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