Entwined PlayStation 4 Review – Always Together, Forever Apart

Entwined PlayStation 4 Review - Always Together, Forever Apart

The PlayStation 4 indie game straight from developer PixelOpus shares its coat with games like Journey, Rez, and Flower, with a colorful and artsy presence that tries to complement the mellow and trance-fueled soundtrack that beats behind-the-scenes.

Entwined puts you in control of two different souls, one an orange fish controlled with the left analog stick, and the other a blue bird controlled with the right analog stick. Throughout the game you must traverse an ethereal tunnel of sorts, collecting fragments and passing through a variety of different targets. The game is split into nine different lifetimes, each one offering the same routine but with added difficulty each time you progress.

Targets are represented with a color, orange or blue. To successful pass through these targets the fish must line up with the orange targets and the bird with the blue. At times you will come across green targets, in which both animals must pass through at the same time. Each time you pass through a target a chime will ring out, the sound of accomplishment but one that’s nearly completely disconnected from the game’s constant background music, tripping over itself throughout.


Trying to navigate both animals can be challenging at times, more so when one target comes before another in quick succession. Other than the occasional mistake Entwined is a pretty easy game to pick up and play, succeeding eventually through trial and error.

If you happen to be terrible at these games then you could spend eternity playing Entwined, as constantly missing targets lowers the power bars located on the top of the screen. To fill these bars you most pick up fragments of memory that add to the animals power bar. Collect enough fragments and avoid missing targets and both bars will fill, prompting the player to press L1+R1 to enter the closing stages of the lifetime.

The speed will increase as both bars draw closer to together, having to hit targets without fail to bring them ever closer. Once you finish the level you’ll turn into a dragon – awesome I know – that flies around a vast open area filled with either, icebergs, volcanoes, or tornadoes. It’s all very picturesque and comes as a peaceful release from te claustrophobic tunnels, letting you stretch you legs – or in this case wings.

Entwined intends to deliver a story about two lost souls and to a point you do feel the connection between the colorful creatures, but on a bigger scale fails to portray what it set out to do. With the emotional meaning behind the game struggling to reach the surface, only susceptible ones can really enjoy the game for what it is. For others, including myself, Entwined is just two animals going through a tunnel, ending with you turning into a dragon, who goes on to make some colorful designs in the sky.


Entwined showcases some beautiful abstract visuals and a decent musical score. The connection between the creative genius and the lost souls you control hangs by a thread and emits small fleeting waves of emotion. If you have some spare time on your hands and want a game that won’t overly test your motor skills then Entwined is right up your street.

Review Score – 3/5

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