Far Cry 4 Review – Going Crazy in Kyrat

Far Cry 4 Review - Going Crazy in Kyrat

I can still remember watching live on Twitch, the opening sequence of Far Cry 4. I distinctly remember watching the samples of grappling across mountains, driving vehicles, and the overall visual perfection that I would come to learn as Kyrat – the fictional region located in the Himalayan Mountains. After seeing the overall quality of the game I knew I would be putting this title on my list of games to buy, and on launch day I was there retrieving my copy.

Far Cry 4’s campaign sends protagonist Ajay Ghaleon headhunting missions throughout Kyrat, completing tasks and missions which include destroying key areas controlled by lead antagonist Pagan Min’s army, or killing off-key soldiers under his command. The campaign was pretty enjoyable to follow, featuring the usual action packed set pieces know from the series. Min’s persona is also a joy to watch, bringing a different kind of crazy to Far Cry 3’s Vaas. Along the way the player will meet a handful of other key characters who will task them with side missions to complete on the spot, or at a later time. There’s plenty to do, so when you turn of your console you know you’ll be busy the next time you switch back on.

The campaign gives the player a few choices along the way to decide what will happen next, a feature that seems to be creeping into more games nowadays, which always makes for an interesting playthrough a second time. Without dropping any spoilers I will say that in the final moments of the game and as the credits appeared I definitely felt a sense of completion and closure as the screen dimmed, overall the campaign was great and did enough to give the setting justice, but felt somewhat short; compared to all of the other activities in the game where I spent most of my time.

Players will find many photo opportunities while exploring Kyrat.

Players will find many photo opportunities while exploring Kyrat.

Following the completion of the campaign I immediately began completing the Shangri ‘La, Yogi & Reggie, Longinus, and Hurk side missions. These side missions are just as long as the campaign, possibly longer from what I recall, giving you an entirely different view of Kyrat. Out of these the Shangri ‘La missions gave me the best experience, taking the player into an ancient world as a warrior fighting through demons in a dark and evil land, much different from the traditional Kyrat you grew accustomed to.

Though there isn’t any story to go along with the open world activities this is where I had the most fun – as well as several friends who joined me throughout. It can be hard to find your way around so it’s highly recommended the player purchases the in-game maps of Kyrat when they have earned enough money. There are a plethora of different activities to take part in once you go looking, including liberating bell towers, fortresses and outposts, assassination missions, hostage rescues, hunting activities, sabotage, the list goes on. In addition to these activities the player will also hunt in every corner of the map looking for masks of a serial killer, destroying propaganda, spinning Mani Wheels, and much more. The mass of content available is Far Cry 4’s biggest draw, you feel without certainty the money you spend is justified.

No game is perfect unfortunately, and Far Cry 4 has one or two downsides. The first was an issue as my friends and I tried on several occasions to utilize the “Keys to Kyrat” missions, which allows up to 10 friends to play co-op (open world) with you, but despite many attempts we were unable to join into the same game. The second complaint is that if a player liberates all outposts before completing the “hijack supply trucks” activity then the player must go into options and reset all outposts/fortresses since the supply trucks will no longer spawn. These bugs are minimal however and don’t upset your gaming experience much.


Far Cry 4’s multiplayer does a good job to give the gamer the same freedom as the campaign and open-world offers. Front and center is Far Cry Chronicles, a 5V5 mode where two teams battle it out using the land to their advantage. Those who want the total opposite can jump into The Rakshasa, equipped with the superpowers seen in the Shangri-La, like invisibility and the use of a bow. While the modes show some promise, the multiplayer maps don’t reach the same level, feeling ordinary and simple.


Overall I definitely enjoyed every minute of Far Cry 4, from the overall smoothness of the game to the scenic views of the Himalaya Mountains, this game will surely be eye candy for anyone on a next-gen console or PC. When you take into account the hours of activities you can work on while just exploring, you will realize that the game was worth every penny spent.

One of the more subtle things that many people may overlook, but I wanted to be sure to mention was the smooth launch of the game. Though my friends and I had some issues with the Keys to Kyrat, it launched without fault, which has been an issue with many other game releases this year. You can tell that Ubisoft did their homework on Far Cry 4 and did the job right, making it one of the few games in 2014 that feels complete.

Review Score –  8.5/10


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