The Division Dragon’s Nest Incursion Hard Mode Walkthrough


With the release of update 1.3 for Tom Clancy’s The Division, agents are indulging in the brand new Dragon’s Nest Incursion. Available to play now on either Hard or Challenging, you’ll need a strong team of four and some decent gear to complete it, or prepare to go up in flames.

The cleaner-heavy mission is all about fire and if you’re not protected against the status effect then you’re going to have a bad time. Before we kick off the guide for Hard mode, we suggest you have a high level of Exotic Damage Resilience – obtain two piece Final Measure – and a reasonable level of Toughness to keep that health up.

Starting off, climb the ladder and wait for the JTF soldier to open the fence. Drop down into the tunnel area and place an explosive on the tunnel shutter. Once the explosive goes off, enemies will begin to flood out towards you, so make sure you’re prepared before placing the C4.

This area has a considerable amount of fat Cleaners(guys with numerous tanks), so aiming those rounds towards the tanks is a priority. Doing so will not only stagger the enemy but also cause damage to surrounding enemies, staggering them also. If you feel you’re being overwhelmed, use the space you initially dropped down to, keeping you from flamethrower range.


The next room shouldn’t be an issue, so work your way towards the escalator and onwards to the roof. Hop over the remnants of the bus and onto the car park roof. The Incursion really starts to kick off here, with a variety of different enemy types and a new mechanic for the Technician enemy.

The area is split into different sections of enemies. The first mob will include all unit types and a very annoying remote controlled incendiary robot used by the Techician enemy type. These little buggers take only a few bullets to put down, but are extrememly quick and can empty your health bar in one go depending on your stats.

The first enemy boss will spawn just under the top area at the back of the car park, so get your team up there and use the cover to take him out with relative ease. The second enemy, a fat Cleaner, will be walking towards you on the same level, with the third and fourth boss on the right side lower down.

If you’re on the upper level, stay there and wait for the two remaining boss to come to you, focusing on their weak points to lower those health bars faster.

Note: Each time you kill a boss, a new mob will spawn, so we suggest you kill the spawned mob before killing another boss. Not doing so will stack them, making things much harder.


Once you’ve cleared the area and picked up all that juicy loot, make your way down the elevator shaft and to the next area. This particular room will have some general mobs, similar to the first area of the Incursion. Make your way through them like normal, with the final area of the Incursion next.

The final boss isn’t a human enemy but a fire truck with no wheels found at the back of the room behind a mob of enemies – think Falcon Lost for Cleaners. The mechanics here are fairly simple and those who play Destiny will catch on very quickly.

The room will feature eight switches and a water tank overhead. Every time you activate a switch, the water tank will move closer to the fire truck. Four switches will be found on the left and four on the right. While you clean through the mobs – see what I did there – and activate the switches, the fire truck will drop fire bombs on certain parts of the area, highlighted by the giant red box under your feet.

Players will need to synchronize the switches, meaning the first on the left and the first on the right need to be pressed at the same time and so on. Afterward, a new mob will spawn, kill them and repeat the process until you reach the truck.

Note: Weirdly enough, after you turn a switch to move the tank, the fire truck will set the whole surface of the area on fire, given you nowhere to run. We suggest using Smart Cover and the Support Station(Immunizer) to combat that.

Like mentioned before, complete the process until you reach the last button, sending the fire truck to its demise. Standing near the truck before this stage will get you killed, with it shooting fire from its hose, so be wary and keep your team in line. All you need to do then is clean out the remaining enemies and the Incursion is over.

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