The Division Exploit Gives you Unlimited Damage

The Division - Introducing The Update 1.3 B.L.I.N.D Gear Set

Another day, another exploit for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The cover shooter has come under scrutiny the past number of weeks for the unsettling amount of bugs and glitches affecting the game and this week yet another exploit has been uncovered by the community.

The “Competent” exploit is pretty simple to do and gives your agent all the damage per second you dreamed of. Firstly, you need to have a gun with the Competent talent, you can find a high-end AK-47 in the Base of Operations that holds it – the talent boosts your damage per second after using an ability.

Weapon damage is increased by x% for y seconds after using a skill.

Now you need to equip that weapon and then equip another weapon. Keep doing this for a considerable amount of time and it should activate a bug that gives you a ridiculous DPS – can go into the millions.

We don’t condone the use of exploits but we can deny how handy this would be against boss enemies and other players found in the Dark Zone. Hopefully, Ubisoft can put together a fix sooner rather than later before the Dark Zone becomes a bloodbath.

Check out YouTuber Simplified trying the exploit out.

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