The Division Habits – Things Players Always Do


I’ve been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division regularly since the cover shooter released in March and after some time you start to pick up habits.

Going about your daily routine of completing daily missions and increasing that Dak Zone rank, you find yourself dispatching enemies in your own signature way, jumping over walls in a unique fashion, and many other habits.

Here’re some of the things most The Division players do.

Racing to the Next Objective

I’m guilty of this myself, always trying to make it to the next elevator, ammo cache, or door before the rest of my squad. It makes no difference to how the mission will unfold, I just like winning, no matter the size of the victory.

Keeping that Inventory Clean

Some of us may be slobs, but others just can’t help but have their inventory clean. Each slot can only have one gear set item and two primary weapons are only allowed. This severely hampering your chances to with tactics in-game, but at least you won;t be pulling your hair out trying to organize all those weapons and gear.

Checking the Appearance Vendor For Weapon Skins

I love the python skin on my Vector, I don’t plan to change. Sure I’ll check the appearance vendor just to see what they got.

Repeat the same process every day.

Killing Red Bar Colored Enemies

Sometimes you might find yourself outside the confines of daily missions and the Dark Zone, roaming the streets of New York that have no real purpose in the game, apart from occasional HVT missions.You’ll come across enemies you’d

On your travels, you’ll come across enemies you’d struggle against while reaching level 30 on the vanilla progression system. These mobs cause very little damage and can be bypassed on the way to your next adventure.

No, we can’t allow that to happen, each one of them needs to die, or the world will end.

Rolling into the Base of Operation Door

Nothing worse than walking into your Base of Operations.

Having the ability to run snatched away from you to allow rendering is a sin that’s unforgivable and in an attempt to give such a travesty a middle finger, we roll into the door looking to shorten such a horrible experience.

It does slightly. Small but much need satisfaction.

Collecting Materials from BoO

I might be a blue weapon part, so what I want it cause it’s free of charge and If I bag 15 of them over the next 15 days I’ll get a shiny gold weapon part.

The DZ Route

Refueling Station to nearby Subway to Ice Rink Extraction.

I want to extend this list, so drop any habits you have in the comments below and I’ll add them on.

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