The Division – How to Farm For The Caduceus Assault Rifle


Farming for loot in Tom Clancy’s The Division is a lottery and an underwhelming one at that.

The majority of the time the gear and weapons you snatch up will end up as crafting materials as you search for the rarer talent-rich loot.

One weapon, in particular, has become a must have by The Division community. The Caduceus assault rifle is an ultra rare drop with a score of 182. What makes the weapon so desirable is the Coolheaded talent that drops with it.

The talent is usually found on marksmen rifles and with it active, performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by 2%. So you can understand why having it on an assault rifle with a much faster rate of fire is some intriguing.

Picking up the Caduceus will take patience. So here’s a pretty simple guide for farming the sought after assault rifle.

  1. Pick the Amherst’s Apartment mission on Hard.
  2. Run past the first area of enemies.
  3. Come to the area with a sniper at the back, kill two enemies to spawn the fat cleaner. NO need to kill them, run past to the next area.
  4. Run past the enemies into Amherst’s apartment.
  5. Run past the enemies on the rooftops to the final section of the mission.
  6. Kill the enemies and the named boss.

If you don’t pick up the Caduceus from the named boss then simply replay the mission. The method is very repetitive but is still the fastest way to pick up the rifle without it randomly dropping while casually playing.

The weapon is sought after now more than ever following the release of the Alpha Bridge gear set. Having a four-piece of the set allows agents to have talents from one weapon become active on another, as long as both weapons are of the same class; two SMGs for example.

I was lucky enough to pick up the assault rifle early on and then stupid enough to sell it not really knowing its potential.

If you happen to come across the Caduceus, don’t be like me, keep it in your stash for a rainy day.

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