The Division – The Little Things Ubisoft Need to Fix

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Following the launch of update 1.1 for Tom Clancy’s The Division last week, agents are currently indulging in all the new features Ubisoft has brought to the table. While the new content is refreshing, The Division still has issues and while the majority of them are small, they still hamper the experience somewhat.

The developer is unlikely to stumble across this list of mini betrayals I’ve outlined below, but if they do I hope the will be taken into consideration for future patches.

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I Don’t Know if He’s Shooting Sideways on Purpose?

I was hoping this would be fixed in update 1.1 last week but once I popped on to play the new Incursions mission there it was. Other agents on screen look to be firing sideways and backwards while they’re actually shooting the enemy. It looks weird and sometimes I wonder if the person playing is experiencing the bug or they’re just incapable of shooting straight.

Ubisoft, I’m Aware my Abilities Can be Modded

I like to switch up my tactics now and again to keep things interesting. One way to do that is by constantly changing the abilities at your disposal. Unfortunately, when your mid-battle and decide on an ability change, a notification pops up to tell you that abilities have several modded options, every single time. I can’t find a solution, so hopefully, Ubisoft can do something about it.

Gun Locked Whilst in Cover

This bug, in particular, can really upset your progress while playing more difficult missions. Whilst in cover and changing weapon, the gun you’ve equipped becomes locked and fails to shoot even with a full mag. What follows is the complete decimation by shotgun-wielding enemies determined on making my life a misery. Serious issue, please fix it.

Falling Underground

Falling through the ground in video¬†games isn’t uncommon, it’s happened to me various times whilst playing different games. Unfortunately, The Division is victim to it and while it doesn’t fall under the game-breaking category, it’s still really annoying. A lot of different factors can trigger the bug, be it traversing an object that’s currently moving(like a gate opening during a mission) or when starting a daily mission. The game eventually sends you back to the safe house, meaning you need to travel back to the spot, which can be tedious.

Reiving Doesn’t work Sometimes

Saving members of your team who have been downed is a crucial part of surviving when playing The Division. In places like the Dark Zone and Challenging missions, people will get downed regularly and if the revive system fails to work you’ll lose experience points and progress. While the bug is rare, it can be a tough one to swallow.

No Respawn, No Likey

Many will put this one under the glitch category while others won’t. Either way , it’s annoying to those who like to play the game solo. I’m talking about the Incursions mission “Falcon Lost” and using the matchmaking feature to join a group pf strangers. If you spawn in whilst the team is already fighting the enemy in the No Respawn zone, then you continuously get brought back to the starting point whilst attempting to enter the manhole at the beginning of the mission. Now you need to leave the group and start afresh, a waste of time for some.


I plan to update the list over the coming months, so make sure to check back to see of Ubisoft has fixed any of the above and for any new bugs or glitches that have surfaced.

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