The Division Maintenance 28th July, New Drops for the Underground


A scheduled maintenance for Tom Clancy’s The Division has come and gone, bringing some interesting changes to the loot system whilst playing the recently released Underground DLC.

The downtime happened earlier today and already the community is noticing new gear sets and weapons dropping in the tunnels of Manhattan.

Here are the list of changes to be implemented with the July 28th maintenance:

  • Fixed a bug where players could initiate 1 Phase Operations in Heroic difficulty by pressing a combination of buttons on their input device.
  • Rewards from Underground Operation Directives will now also include all gear sets from Updates 1.1 and 1.2 and you have a chance to receive additional loot when completing Operations with 4+ Directives.
  • Rewards from Underground Sealed Caches will now include all weapon types as well as all Underground and Update 1.3 gear sets.
  • Named NPCs in the Underground now have increased drop rates across all difficulties and doing multiple phase operations will give you a better chance at higher quality gear.

The changes come as good news for those looking to complete their gear sets while farming, given that Massive only made certain gear sets available in the Underground beforehand.

The expansion is available on the Xbox One and PC for nearly a month now and will finally make its release on PlayStation 4 in early August.

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