The Division – The Mysterious White Dot of Death

The Division - The Mysterious White Dot of Death

We’ve played Tom Clancy’s The Division pretty hard over the past month and decided to take a break from missions and the Dark Zone to explore the Manhattan terrain.

Frequently popping onto the in-game menu whilst roaming with my PlayStation buddy dreadfro, we noticed a small white dot on Broadway in the Flatiron District south of the map. Nowhere else on the map will you find this kind of dot, so we decided to investigate.


Once we arrived at the location we entered the subway beneath to see if there was anything notable to find, we didn’t, so made our way topside. By the dot, we found a small puddle with a black streak suspended mid-air, possibly a texture glitch of sorts.


What happened next freaks us out a little, as my character went up in flames with no enemies or flammable substance alight nearby. My teammate also stated he was flash banged while standing in a certain spot. Considering it’s right on top of this mysterious dot it makes you think there’s more to it.

Check out the video below for the exact spot where to stand and try it out for yourself.

We would love to know if this is some cruel Easter Egg or just some glitch that coincidentally takes place atop a white dot, the only one of its kind on the map.

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