The Division Players Are Getting Free Phoenix Credits This Weekend

The Division Players Are Getting Free Phoenix Credits This Weekend

Ubisoft Massive want to make amends with The Division community following a barrage of glitches and bugs that are currently hampering the cover shooter.

On a recent Twitch live stream, the developer revealed agents will receive 150 Phoenix Credits as compensation for the bumpy ride the game has had since its release in early March. The live stream shown below focuses primarily on the glitches and bug pandemic so is worth a watch to get details on how Ubisoft plan to fix the issues.

At around the 21-minute mark, Community Developer Yannick Banchereau speaks on the various bugs currently affecting the game, from disappearing characters, endless loading screens, issues with gear and much more.

Banchereau also spoke on cheaters and the exploits they currently use to bag high-end gear and gear sets. He said that the existing policy on the banning of players that have been reported by other players is the best way to get Ubisoft’s attention and to have any action taken against them.

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