The Division – Post-Exploits, Gear Score is Now a Serious Issue


The issues currently hampering Tom Clancy’s The Division have become very public and put developer Ubisoft Massive under a terrible amount of pressure to fix the cover shooter. Their most recent patch did remove some nasty exploits affecting the new Falcon Lost Incursion, but unfortunately, the aftermath of such dishonesty still remain in the game today.

With the release of update 1.1, new Gear Sets and gear score were introduced to make it easier to judge what level your character stands at when you hit the endgame. As you would expect, the best gear is hard to obtain and only through the extremely difficult Falcon Lost Incursion – on Challenging difficulty – could you obtain these rare gear sets.

Even with a team of four experienced players, defeating the mode against level 34 enemies is testing and becomes a trial and error of sorts. On completion, you’re guaranteed a gear piece with a gear score of 240, putting you ahead of the majority of agents currently playing the game. Those who took advantage of the many exploits available for Falcon Lost before its patch were able to collect more than one piece of armor with a score of 240, without once having to take a bullet.


Now that the exploits are unavailable, you have a giant gap between players who have a low gear score that can’t complete the challenging mode and those who exploited to reach a gear score well over 200. The latter will already be primed for the next Incursion which demands a minimum gear score of 220 while the rest try their best to catch up. Even those who’ve completed the Incursion legit will have a tough time completing it again and adding another 240 gear piece to their inventory.

How will Ubisoft Massive counteract or compensate those behind the power curve because of exploiters? At the moment we don’t know, it will be hard to differentiate who gained the gear legitimately and who didn’t. Which leads to the next update and speculation on what exactly it will entail.

Right now the Dark Zone in The Division is pathetically one-sided with those equipped with exploit-tainted gear running the show, leaving those behind the curve constantly matchmaking to find a safer server to play PVP on.

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