The Division – Preparing for the Underground DLC on PlayStation 4


It’s been a long month for Tom Clancy’s The Division players on PlayStation 4, having watched Xbox One and POC users dive into the Underground expansion throughout July.

Thankfully, the wait is nearly over and from tomorrow onwards PlayStation users can jump into the sewers of Manhattan and dish out some second-wave justice.

With that said, it isn’t a bad idea getting your affairs in order before its launch, making sure your character is fully prepared for what lies beneath the streets below.

Watch Videos Online

If you want to keep the experience as fresh as possible then we suggest staying away from Underground content online. Flipping the coin, if you want to know all the best farming spots before even downloading the DLC, then jumping onto YouTube, Twitch, or any other video platform and watching Xbox One and PC players isn’t a bad idea.

Stock up on Credits

The Underground will bring new gear sets to the fold with a new range of bonuses depending on how many you snatch up. Farming for loot doesn’t always reward you with decent gear, but when recalibrated can fit into your system much better. Unfortunately, recalibration cost money, lots of it if you’re rolling more than once. We suggest picking up as many credits as possible, you’ll need them if you’re drastically changing your character’s gear.

Keep Your Phoenix Credits

Holding on to the little bundles of joy is hard when all that great gear is staring you in the face. Show some resolve until tomorrow if you can, as new gear will be available from the underground vendor and if you plan to recalibrate talents on newly found weapons.

Don’t Go Farming Standard Intel for the Underground

The intel you pick up from enemies for High-Value Targets can’t be used in the Underground to unlock missions. Directive intel will become available when the expansion launches and is a separate intel to the standard intel you pick up on a daily basis.

Find a Good Team and Hit The Ground Running

While The Division is a game you can play solo, jumping in with a team can be the difference when looking for the best gear the game. Organise times and make sure your gear compliments each other’s playstyle and the Underground should be a piece of cake.

We’ll see you in the Underground tomorrow agents!

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