The Division Public Test Server Goes Live for PC Today


The current state of Tom Clancy’s The Division has come under scrutiny the past number of weeks and in an attempt to curb the criticism,¬†Ubisoft implementing a Public Test Server to ensure their next patch hits the right spot.

Unfortunately, the PTS plans have delayed any future content releasing for the cover-shooter, with Ubisoft keen on getting the game in working order before dishing out any further DLC.

The PTS will give gamers on PC the chance to experience update 1.4 before it goes live, with big changes to loot, NPC difficulty, gear levels, and more packed in – more details on the patch can be found here.

If you’re interested in taking part and giving your feedback to Ubisoft Massive, the guide below will show you how to access the Public Test Server.

  • Search for “The Division PTS” on Uplay or Steam.
  • Download the client, all 45GB of it.
  • Overwrite your regular The Division save file.
  • Transfer to PTS will then commence.
  • New character selection screen will appear, giving you a level 30 character with purple gear.
  • Enjoy yourself.

We can only assume update 1.4 will receive a boost following feedback from the community, making for a smoother The Division experience before new expansions for the game start to drop.

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