The Division Still Has A Serious Matchmaking Problem


We’re some months in since the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division and the cover shooter has a mixed reception.

While gameplay at times can be fun, addictive, and visually stunning, players have complained of repetitiveness, glitches, and many other issues hampering their experience when online.

No single platform escapes these niggling issues, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users are unfortunate enough to have problems with matchmaking and getting a group of agents together.


The issues are more widespread for those who play The Division solo, not affiliated with a party during the matchmaking process. If you do manage to find yourself put into a group, your gear score will become a defining factor if you stay or go due to the group leader kick system.

My character is currently at Gear Score 240+ and yet I find myself being kicked by the majority of groups I join. Yes, the cause could be a three-player group waiting for their friend to come along, or simply they wish to play without a fourth wheel.

Nevertheless, it can be very discouraging for anyone wanting to jump into the Dark Zone or one of the many missions available in-game quickly.

The process can be just as broken when you flip the coin. Players looking to invite others will constantly see their invites declined. Even worse, some players will join a group, take one look at the Gear Scores of the group and high tail it.


Many gamers have stated that the issues with matchmaking are starting to get worse, with emphasis on waiting for people to join the main cause of stress.

It’s unknown at this time if Ubisoft Massive has matchmaking on their “things to fix” list. Changes are definitely needed and if they don;t fix the issues now, the community will surely let them know in the future.

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