The Division – Ubisoft Bringing Big Changes in Update 1.4


There’s no hiding the plethora of problems currently hampering Tom Clancy’s The Division. The severity of some issues has caused a considerable drop in the player base since the cover shooter released in March this year and Ubisoft Massive have big plans to turn the tide.

The developer has detailed Update 1.4 and how they plan to entice gamers back to post-apocalyptic Manhattan with various changes to enemies, loot, and more.

Massive touched on the update in more detail on their State of the Game live stream on Thursday, with its launch expected sometime next month. Furthermore, the Public Test Server that was originally scheduled to launch this week will no commence sometime next week.

Let’s go through the details:

Time to Kill

A big issue when facing NPCs in The Division is the amount of damage they can take before being downed. Division players find themselves emptying mag after mag into an enemy only to see another take its place. Furthermore, players in the endgame find themselves being downed too easily, a glaring gap in fairness that needs to be addressed.

Ubisoft plans to change the Time to Kill parameters in Update 1.4 and level the playing field. The level of difficulty is a big gripe many have with The Division and the player base could see a resurgence following the change.

Difficulty Scaling

Ubisoft will look to make the transition between Normal, Hard, Challenging, and Heroic much tighter. At the moment, those making the leap from Hard to Challenging notice a significant gap in NPC level difficulty and the gear needed to make a difference.

World Tiers

The most notable change coming in update 1.4 is the introduction of World Tiers. The 4 available tiers scale the level of difficulty to a certain point, giving you a more clear window to which bracket your character will belong in.

These are:

  • Tier 1 = 0 to 163 Gear Score
  • Tier 2 = 164-182 Gear Score
  • Tier 3 = 183-204 Gear Score
  • Tier 4 = 205-229 Gear Score

The change will completely remove level 34 & 35 enemies from the game, leaving a more tweaked level 33 enemy as the maximum threat.

Some Other Changes

Ubisoft will be adding more frequent named enemies to the vanilla area of The Division, which at the moment is only used for the High-Value Target mode. These named enemies have more of a chance of dropping good loot, thus giving you a reason to roam the streets of Manhattan once again.

Rewards will also change according to the world tier your character is currently in.

These are:

  • Tier 1 = Gear Score 163 rewards
  • Tier 2 = Gear Score 182 rewards
  • Tier 3 = Gear Score 204 rewards
  • Tier 4 = Gear Score 229 rewards

These changes will come your way next month and will be a welcomed sight ahead of the release of future DLC which was postponed in light of the games current state.

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