The Division – Is Ubisoft Massive Sick of the Community?

The Division - Is Ubisoft Massive Sick of the Community?

Ever since the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division in March, the community has been very vocal about the games technical support, features, and anything else they can critique.

With that said, we can imagine Ubisoft Massive receive plenty of hate mail from disgruntled fans sick of the various bugs and glitches that continue to hamper the experience for many.

Their response to the community’s disapproval seems professional and expected for such a prominent studio, or are Massive trolling fans that peeved them in an ingenious way.


A post on Reddit points towards just that, with quotes by non-playable characters and enemies possibly expressing how Massive feel about those who complain.

Here are two examples:

“They’ll complain no matter what”

“I’m sick of the whiners…”.

Another possible troll by Ubisoft, but must likely just a glitch, is when accessing your menu in the base of operations and have an NPC knock into you, making you quit out of the inventory.

I know, jumping to conclusions and all that, but it’s food for thought.

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