The Division – What Ubisoft Needs to Change in Update 1.2

The Division Update 1.3 Weapon Changes Promised

I’ve been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division on a daily basis even though it’s going through a tough time with exploits and glitches. I still find it moderately fun despite the issues, but with each passing day the issues hampering my experience eat away at my patience.

With update 1.2 expected in the near future, it’s the perfect time to take stock and really determine what should be changed by Ubisoft Massive to make The Division a playable game worth the price tag.

We have some suggestions….

  • Increase the stash size. Having multiple characters is tough with such a limited amount of space, maybe crank it up to 100.
  • Remove or fix the mobile cover system to stop exploiters breaking through walls.
  • Scavenging rating increases the number of ammo enemies drop.
  • Dark Zone brackets need to be split into different gear score ratings for balance.
  • The ability to re-roll talents on weapons as well as gear.
  • A mission summary on completion, showing stats for every player and a bonus for those who perform best.
  • The ability to look at past mission summaries to determine where you can improve tactically.
  • A more immersive system to report players performing known glitches and exploits.
  • Stricker punishment for cheaters. Instead of bans, lower their gear score and remove items.
  • Fix the starting mission issue where the missions fail to load, leaving you no choice but to back out.
  • XP earned outside the Dark Zone is pointless, change it to credits to give agents more initiative to roam the area after defeating Bliss.
  • The ability to buy credits with Phoenix Credits.
  • Supply drops outside the Dark Zone but carry items of less rarity.
  • Remove the tip menu on the ability screen.
  • Ballistic shield bugs need removing, some are severe enough to cause players to restart the game.
  • The option to turn off mission dialogue, Faye’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
  • Improvements to Camp Hudson. A cool area, but I have no need to go there.
  • Material stashes in the Base of Operations stack, leaving a nice bunch of loot for you after a day or two.
  • A companion app like seen in Call of Duty, allowing you to access your Base of Operations vendors and your character’s options.
  • Give us a weapon skin locker to save space in our Stash and Inventory.
  • A change to Incursion matchmaking. Stop allowing players to join once the players already in the game move past the ‘No Respawn’ point
  • More outside dark zone challenges, more named-bosses etc…
  • The ability to buy consumables like water and energy bars from a vendor.
  • Fix the reviving bug that doesn’t allow me to revive my teammates, severely frustrating when playing Falcon Lost.
  • Increase the distance between a Dark Zone checkpoint and weapons hot to stop Rogue agents killing players the minute they enter the Dark Zone.

I plan to update the list as we close in on update 1.2. We might have missed a few things that need to be changed in The Division that may have caught your eye, so make sure to share them with us below.

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