The Division – Ubisoft on “Protection from Elites” Bug, Advise Against Using it

The Division - Introducing The Update 1.3 B.L.I.N.D Gear Set

An embarrassing bug surfaced for Tom Clancy’s The Division earlier this week and the community is demanding answers for when it will be fixed.

The attribute “Protection from Elites” is meant to give agents extra protection from elite enemies, instead, it causes your character to receive extra damage when equipped with a piece of gear – more detailed explanation here.

Community Developer for The Division at Massive, Hamish Bode, commented on the bug whilst live streaming on Twitch earlier today, telling the community not to add the attribute to gear for the foreseeable future.

Watch from 1:19:00 to get the skinny.

Since the release of update 1.1 in early April, The Division has seen an increase in the number of bugs and glitches affecting the game, in particular, the Falcon Lost Incursion.

With that said, we can assume that Ubisoft will include a multitude of fixes in Update 1.2 whenever the update drops. Until then, just take the developer’s word for it and stay clear of the Protection from Elites attribute.

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