The Division Underground Gear Set Drops Offer Very Little Variety


While PlayStation 4 users patiently wait for the release of the Underground DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Division, those on Xbox One and PC have already acquainted themselves with the expansion.

With its release comes new loot and the community isn’t happy with the drops available when playing the DLC, with enemies constantly dropping the same gear sets over and over.

Many have complained about running the Heroic Underground missions and nine out of ten times receiving the Firecrest and B.L.I.N.D gear sets as rewards, with the rare occasion dropping other gear sets.

the-division-blind-gear-set-image-1 While the Underground brings a much-needed freshness to the repetitive cycle that is The Division, picking up loot that doesn’t benefit the player leaves many wondering what’s the point.

Each Incursion in the cover shooter has its own weighted gear sets upon completion. That’s understandable given how separate the mission type is from the rest of the game, but the Underground is broader and realistically should at least drop the gear sets available in update 1.3.

Ubisoft Massive could have made the Underground the PvE counterpart, but instead, it’s become an exciting maze full with less than desirable loot.

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