The Division Update 1.2 Details, Gear Set Balancing Included

The Division Update 1.2 Details, Gear Set Balancing Included

Ubisoft Massive are currently preparing update 1.2 for Tom Clancy’s The Division and is rumored to be releasing later this month.

In the most recent State of the Game stream, the developer dropped some new information regarding the patch and that it will focus heavily on gear and talents.

Ubisoft will be lowering the gear score needed to partake in the next Incursion expected with update 1.2. Currently named “Broken Circle”, the Incursion will be renamed before its release and will only require a gear score of 150, the same as the already available Falcon Lost mission.

The Phoenix Credit limit will be increased from 1,000 to 2,000, following the community’s problem with not spending credits and leaving collectable credits go to waste due to hitting the limit.

Ubisoft has stated there’ll be no major changes to weapons in update 1.2, instead, they will nerf certain firearms until a more permanent fix down the line.

Fixes coming to The Division in update 1.2:

  • Bug for the Sentry Gear Set automatically targeting players during the Dark Zone will be fixed
  • Bug where players don’t receive weekly rewards for the Falcon Lost Incursion will be fixed
  • Brutal talent will be nerfed
  • Balanced talent will allow quick scoping
  • Forced talent with Sentry Gear Set will change
  • Reckless talent will “work properly”
  • Performance gear mods to be buffed
  • The introduction of a Toughness character stat will combine Health, Armor, and Stamina
  • Armour cap will be increased to 75 percent
  • VOIP indicator will now be in the UI

Once we learn of a release date for the update we’ll make sure to let you know.

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