E3 2016 – Sony Lineup Was ‘Locked and Unchanged for Months’

Sony Reveal Its Lineup for Gamescom 2016

Rumors that Sony changed up their E3 2016 press conference this past Monday have been squashed, according to Vice President of third party relations at PlayStation.

Adam Boyes responded to growing speculation via Twitter that Sony’s lineup changed in light of a game being cut and replaced by a live demo of Days Gone.

“No, this is not true. The length and content we showed has been locked and unchanged for months,” Boyes tweeted.

Sony’s lineup was solid, with fresh titles getting showcased throughout and some much-anticipated sequels also getting a look in.

I can’t see a reason why Sony would cut a game from their lineup unless some technical difficulties presented themselves beforehand.

With God of War, Spiderman, Days Gone, The Last Guardian, and more shown, it won’t be hard to forget about a game that could have closed the show.

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