The Division – Dropping Gear Score in the Dark Zone the New Pandemic


For the most part, oTom Clancy’s The Division has become an unbalanced but still relatively fun game. Certain aspects can hamper the experience for some, in particular, those fresh to level 30 who enter the Dark Zone.

With the Dark Zone availing of brackets depending on gear score, which becomes available once you reach the end game. It determines where you should fit in the pyramid of talent in the cover shooter and already those well educated on how gear score works are taking advantage.

Certain players looking for easy kills simply need to remove high-leveled gear from their inventory and re-enter the Dark Zone. Now they’ll find themselves in a 0-160 bracket and more experienced among the fresh level 30 players. This leads to servers teeming with rogue agents hunting down players in packs, making it near impossible to grab suitable gear to extract.

Unfortunately for those newcomers, the 161+ bracket isn’t somewhere they can escape to, it gets even tougher after the jump. Those lucky enough to find an empty enough server should take advantage while the can, the pandemic is sweeping The Division.

Some players have taken it upon themselves to hunt down these rogue griefers in the 0-160 bracket. Working together to allow those fresh level 30s to roam the Dark Zone in relative peace.

Ubisoft Massive will implement changes to the Dark Zone brackets in update 1.2, details of which you can find here. For all other The Division news, keep it here at LyGmrs.

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