The Division – Ubisoft Inviting Players to Sweden to Help Fix The Game


Tom Clancy’s The Division might not be the center of attention on the gaming market right now, which could turn out good for Ubisoft as they continue to fix their game in the shadows.

So serious about making patch 1.4 perfect for the cover-shooter, Ubisoft is bringing in players from the community to help fix the game’s ongoing issues. The studio is already receiving vital feedback from the community but has decided to take a giant step forward and allow them to get more hands on.

Unfortunately, the move means the Survival and Last Stand expansions set to release in the future have been delayed. The developer made the announcement through a recent forum post, asking players who want to get involved to keep September 7-9 free to travel.

If you’re interested just head here to fill out a form.

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to be selected, Ubisoft Massive will personally fly you out to Malmo, Sweden, complete with paid accommodation. Anyone can enter, so make sure to get your name into the hat before it’s too late.

The patch itself is due out sometime in October and will bring plenty of changes to the loot system. Once we learn more details on the update, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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